Thursday, 23 April 2015

three. this album changed my life!

Guys, seriously this album has altered my relationship with God. This man is seriously blessed, God's hand is all over him. I've literally been listening to this everyday over the last month or so.

Not going to lie, I was very hesitant to give him a chance, one because of the name (Lol I know I'm not the only one!) and secondly, I just never really got Christian Rap/Hip-Hop, honestly just thought the whole thing was really cheesy tbh (coming from a hard Hip-Hop fan!) but I guess that's where discipline and changing your ways come in. I'm only now just really getting into this genre of music and am excited to find similar musicians. Already loving Lecrae and Mali Music also.

I digress.

What an amazing documentation of the ups and downs of this journey with Christ this is. I encourage everyone to give this a listen and expect a change in the way you do and think things regarding Jesus.

My favourite track, without a doubt is 'The Vow,' I'm sure I've said this before somewhere but at the risk of repeating myself, it's one of the best written tracks I've ever heard. 

'Will you marry me and leave this world behind?'

Such an important and necessary question to progress in this walk with the Lord. Furthermore, it really is a marriage isn't it? I mean, during the ceremony you make the vow to be with this person forever despite wealth, health etc and be faithful and dedicated and ultimately just playing your part which is essentially what we're doing when we recognise Jesus as our Lord and saviour. 

Shout out to B-Luv for putting this to music because we all know how powerful music is, it's such an important and encouraging song that everyone needs to hear to be quite honest.

My other favourites are 'Guidance,' 'The Gospel' and 'Eternity.' But the album in it's entirety is pretty amazing. 

You can find out about and hear more Christian rappers on

Check out the album 'Growth' on Spotify or buy on iTunes!

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