Wednesday, 22 April 2015

nightly prayer

Dear Lord,

I'm so sorry for everyone I've wronged today. Anyone who feels as though I have offended, hurt or physically hurt in any way with my words, actions or thoughts. You know my heart and you know the person I am despite my mistakes and the way I treat others, sometimes without much thought. I just ask that you change my heart oh Lord, and that I can learn from the mistakes and sins I have committed today to make tomorrow better. Please forgive me so that everything I do from today onwards brings glory to you and people see you in everything I say and do and thought my thoughts are of seeking you and praising your mighty name.
I also ask that you forgive those who have offended and hurt me and that you show mercy on them and bless them, Lord may they come to know you as I have.

Thank you, Lord.

Heavenly father I just ask you to have mercy on me and give me the direction and guidance I seek. Right now, I feel as though I'm at a standstill and although my relationship with you is growing, I'm unsure of what I can be doing to glorify your name and bring others to your kingdom. I know my skills and strengths but Lord, I just ask you highlight to me the direction you have designated for me. Open my eyes to see what is going on around me and more importantly, your intentions for me. Make it clearer to me Lord. You know how my mind works and I can be thinking hundreds of things all at once so I ask you for that spirit of peace of mind and clarity and your wisdom. In your mighty name, I receive it - what you will do for me in the future and I thank you for everything that has brought to me this point. I thank you for your continual guidance and grace. I'm so expectant and looking forward to getting to know more of your ways and sharing my testimony with others.

Lord, you are amazing! I'm so thankful! I pray everyone I love and care about gets to have this awesome encounter with you.

Thank you Jesus.


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