Thursday, 23 April 2015

nightly prayer two

Dear Lord,

Help me to not hold on to the wrong doing of others - family or otherwise - We're all sinners not excluding myself and I must learn to forgive as you continuously show me mercy and forgiveness. 

Help me to fight the urge to argue back at every opportunity and to choose my battles with wise counsel, constantly seeking your guidance in every situation. 

Heal my heart, oh Lord. 

Lord you know my heart, you know my past and what I've been through and I just glorify your name and give you glory for giving me another chance. I'm so thankful for your mercy and grace.

Help me to pass those tests you throw my way to help me grow spiritually and seek you in everything I say, think and do. 

Help me to serve others and minister to those around me and bring them to your Kingdom. Thank you for your protection, your blessings, your grace, your guidance and your promises for my life. Continue to instill your ways in me and continue to use me for your glory and fill me up with love and wisdom. 

I am an empty vessel for you to fill up. 

More of you and less of me, Lord. 

Thank you


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