Monday, 16 March 2015

two. one day, two revelations.

Hi guys, thanks for checking out the blog today. Just wanted to share with you two big things that have been revealed to me today.

1) When God says no, it doesn't mean maybe next time, it doesn't mean try again. It means NO! 

Let me explain.

There was someone who newly entered my life last year, who I was entertaining despite the fact I knew deep inside that this particular relationship wasn't going to last. Now, I say 'I knew' because I'd been noticing things along the way, during our conversations, that weren't right, so I always had in the back of my mind that this person wasn't going to be someone I'd want to necessarily spend a lot of time around. There's a saying I always know, the one about the enemy wrapping things up in gold to make them look more appetising - well, something along those lines - I believe that was the case here. This person claimed to be on this walk as well and was even taking the necessary steps - education wise - to fulfil that, but was very abusive towards me at random times, for someone who claimed to care about me and could see me in their future. Today however, was the last straw, I could hear God telling me not to bother arguing back and to just let it be.

Very vague  story, I know, but the point is that we have to trust our gut instincts (aka God's voice) that if something doesn't feel or look right, then it isn't. We don't need to be negotiating everything in this life, some things really are just as plain as black and white, especially on this journey with Christ. He doesn't want us to second guess what he's shown and put in front of us but we have to be able to discern wrong from right. Be strong in your convictions and bold in your actions!

At the end of the day, God isn't trying to punish us when a relationship or situation ends, it's for our benefit and to save us from ourselves.  

Key word: Equally yoked

2) All in God time

So back on January 1st 2014, at a service at my Church (Hillsong London), Simon Gibbes told us to write down on a piece of paper a list of all the people in our lives who at the time didn't know God or  were not actively pursuing him, so we could pray for them for God to reach out and touch them.

After having a conversation with a friend whose name I had wrote down on that same list (Shout out to you!) this evening, he told me he had started going to Hillsong! And that he really liked the services he had attended. I'm so happy for him because - let me keep it all the way real - Out of all the people I had written down on my list, I didn't think it would happen for him so soon (No shade! Lol). 

God is so amazing! In his time everything works out for his Glory. I can't wait for all my other friends and family to find God and for the huge testimonies that will come out of it!

Key word: Patience!

Stay blessed.

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